Casa Nuestra Wines Bring $3000 At Charity Auction!

by Casa Nuestra on March 25, 2009

Casa Nuestra donates rare and specialty wines to the world’s largest charity wine auction. The “lot” was a one-of-a-kind wine tasting experience: twelve bottles which auctioned for $3000 from our library cellar, the highlights of 23 years of wine making at Casa Nuestra. All were estate bottled. Production of each vintage ranged from 150 to 400 cases, depending on the year. Each bottle has a unique place in Casa history.

Chenin Blanc, when seriously made, has a cellar life perhaps greater than any other white variety – a fact known in Europe though virtually unknown in this country . Our lot contains four venerable Chenins, ranging in age from 18 to 23 years old. Few have ever tasted white wines of this age from the Napa Valley, or anywhere else in North America. The experience is not available, at any price. We have intentionally left the cellar dust and cobwebs on these bottles, the authentic patina of age. The 1980 is our first commercial vintage. The 1983 was our first entry into a commercial wine competition (San Francisco Wine Competition, double gold). The 1985, a botrytis vintage, was served by President Ronald Reagan at the White House. The 1986 Dorado is our debut late harvest Chenin and a gold and best-of-class selection,

Two debut White Reisling selections are included: a late harvest (1997) and an off-dry example (1989). The Casa history must includes our proprietary red wine, Tinto Classico (2001). Tinto is made from an authentic field mix family vineyard in Oakville which was planted in the early 1950′s – one of the oldest still-standing plantings in the region.

Two examples of Cabernet Franc are included, 1986 and 1987. We were one of the first North American wineries to initiate a Cabernet Franc program, beginning in 1986, another gold and best-of-class wine.

Casa first offered a meritage selection in 1991, under the name “Quixote.” This line is now offered as “Meritage” (1999). In that same year, 1999, we offered our debut Merlot, another gold and best-of-class wine.

Examples of all these wines have been tasted within the past 60 days, and they are known to be sound and rewarding. Please enjoy them together with the warm personal regards of Casa Nuestra.

Eugene R. Kirkham, co-owner

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