Elvis Lives On!

by Casa Nuestra on January 5, 2010

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Elvis Presley and Casa Nuestra Winery celebrated their birthdays together this year on Jan 8, 2010. On That day Elvis would have been 75 and Casa Nuestra Winery turned 30. To highlight the birthday celebration, Casa Nuestra Winery had made arrangements with the Cameo theater of St, Helena to present a free showing of Elvis’s 1961 movie, “Wild in the Country,” a movie which was filmed on location in the Napa Valley. Part of the shoot occurred on the back lot at Casa Nuestra near the Napa River, a sequence which survived into the final cut. The Cameo Theater (then called the Roxie) was used to film the dance hall scenes in the flick.
Although Elvis is reported to have passed away in 1977, Elvis sightings continue to occur regularly at the Casa, especially down by the river, at the location which has been renamed “Elvis Rock.” Thirty years ago, Casa Nuestra Winery released its first commercial vintage, 1980 Dry Chenin Blanc, a wine which pairs agreeably with Elvis’s favorite snack, peanut butter and banana sandwiches.
In “Wild In the Country,” Elvis is cast as a youth at risk whose downward spiral into delinquency is arrested by the mature interventions of his court-appointed therapist (played by Hope Lange) and despite the randy attentions of his foster-home “sister,” (played by Hollywood “bad girl,” Tuesday Weld). This is the last movie in which Elvis was cast in a legitimate dramatic role, with a reasonable script (Clifford Odets), and a first rate supporting cast, including, in a minor role, Jason Robards. You won’t want to miss it. Admission was free to attendees that filled the house, a gift to the community from Casa Nuestra Winery.

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Glenn Griffith February 6, 2010 at 4:41 pm

I was in a wine club back in the 90′s. I had a couple of bolttles (I got them in the divorce) that traveled around with me for years, I never drank them for various reasons. But I finally started drinking them a couple of months ago (I got a new girlfriend). The last one was your 1991 Tinto. Some of other wines I had to throw away because they went bad, but your Tinto is still delicious ( I am drinking as I type). So I just wanted you to know that after 19 years, theTinto shined! Bravo..oh and Cheers!
Glenn Griffith
Pensacola Florida

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