The People

The Casa Nuestra team is not big in numbers, but huge in heart.

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Gene Kirkham - Happy Farmer

Gene’s mother had no idea what she was starting when she purchased a small Oakville vineyard and summer home in 1955. By 1975 Gene had moved full-time to the St. Helena location with his own family, escaping the fast paced attorney's life of San Francisco. He gladly became steward to some Chenin Blanc and Riesling that were planted on the property, as well as caretaker to the small vineyard on his family’s Oakville property. 

It didn’t take long for Gene to conclude that it would be easier (and more fun) to make the wine than it had been to sell the grapes. In 1979 an "out" building on the property was expanded and stocked with a basket press, tanks and barrels to accommodate the newly born Casa Nuestra Winery.

Enthusiastic friends and family (who were delighted to work for wine) were recruited. The resulting success was almost over night with awards and acclaim pouring in immediately.

Gene’s dedication to preserving the heritage and originality of the Casa Nuestra homestead remains one of the cornerstones of our winemaking philosophy.