Made from vineyards planted in 1961, our flagship white offers a fabulous balance of fruit and acidity. It is a dry, highly structured wine with intense and complex aromas of apples, lemons, and tropical fruit. If you can resist the impulse to drink it immediately, it is one of the most long lived of white wines.


The yield of our Chenin Blanc is typically 3 to 4 tons per acre. We allow the fruit to become fully ripe at 23 degrees brix. We ferment the wine completely dry, until all the sugar in the grape juice is converted to alcohol. To maximize the most subtle and delicate nuances of flavor and aroma we ferment the wine at low temperatures (around 55 degrees) for a very long time - up to sixty days. We minimize handling of the wine to eliminate oxidation.


Our Chenin Blanc will be excellent with creamy seafood dishes, pasta, green salads and even grilled meats. Or try this Grilled Halibut with Chimichurri Sauce recipe!


[2001] was Terrific Chenin Blanc: dry, not a trace of oak and suffused with the grape’s signature scent of anise/licorice. [...] I bought two cases.
— Matt Kramer, Wine Spectator (June 2003)
Superior, if not exactly world-shattering, varietal examples have emerged from [...] Casa Nuestra (Napa Valley).
— "Wine Grapes" by Jancis Robinson, Julia Harding, Jose Vouillamoz (2012)