Casa Nuestra Dorado


Dorado-like wines have been made for centuries in Europe, where botrytis has been recognized as a natural boon and reverenced as the “noble rot”. The fungus dehydrates the grapes, concentrating the sugar and other rich flavor components which make possible unique sweet wines. These wines are tricky to make, and the yields are very small. (Ever tried to squeeze juice from a raisin?) But the golden results are well worth the effort.

Our Dorado is made from Colombard grapes from a very small block of 90 year-old vines topping our historic dry-farmed, hillside vineyard in Oakville. These vines are botrytized by the time we harvest in late November. This wine offers unique apricot flavors and with only 5% residual sugar, a refreshingly clean finish. It pairs beautifully with cheeses, dried fruits and mixed, salted nuts.