Our wines

Most of our winemaking is done in the vineyard. By the time the fruit is in the winery, the story is already written: we keep minimal involvement, letting the vineyard express itself in the bottle.

In the cellar, we process the fruit with gentleness and loving care. We use traditional basket presses, special low-impact pumps and a variety of French and American oak barrels to produce the wines that showcase the fruit and the place, rather than the art of winemaking

Because of our diminutive size and the family nature of the winery, there is a greater continuity between vintages. Even so, each vintage displays its particular personality. At the Casa we never get very far away from the fundamental fact that wine is an organic, living beverage.

Casa Nuestra wines are labeled “Estate Bottled”. This is the most restrictive and sought-after label designation permitted by Federal regulations. Estate bottled wines must qualify for vintage dating and appellation of origin. They must be made entirely from grapes grown within the applicable viticultural area on lands belonging to or under the control of the winery. In this age of agribusiness when many wineries exist only as a label and a marketing strategy, estate bottled wines from California are exceedingly rare.
— Gene Kirkham, the owner, aka Happy Farmer